Europa-Institut team successful at EuroSim in Brussels

Europa-Institut students won three out of six awards in one of the largest simulations of European Union decision-making processes in the world known as the EuroSim

Between 4 and 7 January 2018, 14 students from the Master program "European and International Law" at the Europa-Institut participated in one of the largest simulations of European Union decision-making processes in the world, known as the EuroSim. Alternating every year between the US and the EU, this year’s edition was hosted by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) in Brussels, Belgium, and dealt with the topic of EU Border Management.

In the simulation, the participants impersonated on the one hand, heads of states and governments reunited in the European Council, as well as interior ministers acting in the Justice and Home Affairs Council and on the other hand, members of the European Parliament working in various committees. Together with over 150 peers coming from 15 European and US-American universities, the students negotiated policy decisions and solutions for issues ranging from irregular migration flows to interoperability of EU information systems in the area of border and asylum management, as well as personal data protection concerns.

The 14 students representing the Europa-Institut underwent a selection process and an intensive training phase aimed at deepening their knowledge of the simulation’s topic, as well as their soft-skills (communication, negotiation, and teamwork). One of the other goals of the preparation phase was to enhance the participants’ analytic and writing abilities by drafting, for instance, a new EU-Regulation and ancillary documents thereto. As result of this comprehensive training, the Europa-Institut EuroSim team delivered an excellent group performance. In addition, 3 of the participants – Lukas Kleinert (Germany), Aikaterini Leftherouda (Greece) and Filip Matković (Croatia) were bestowed with 3 of the 6 awards granted for outstanding individual performance.

Besides the academic benefits, the simulation also provided the participants with the opportunity to discover Brussels and Bruges, make new friends from both sides of the Atlantic and enlarge their professional network.

The Europa-Institut team was supervised this year by Dr. Marc Bienert LL.M., Dr. Oskar J. Gstrein LL.M, and Corina Vodă LL.M. The supervisors together with the Europa-Institut would like to congratulate the students for a job well done and thank them for an unforgettable EuroSim 2018 experience in Brussels.