Selected legal documents

The Europa-Institut is the editor to a series of collected materials that combine key documents for each respective field of the LL.M. program. The series is published by the Alma Mater Verlag Saarbrücken.

The current editions are comprehensive collections of documents on International Dispute Resolution, European Law, International Trade Law, Public International Law and International Human Rights Law. The books are addressed not only to the students in our own LL.M. program but also to practitioners, policy-makers, lawyers and universities in general.

Volume I
International Dispute Resolution - Selected Documents
2nd revised and extended Edition
ISBN 978-3-935009-84-3

Volume II
European Law - Selected Documents
3rd revised and extended Edition
ISBN 978-3-935009-91-1

Volume IV
Public International Law - Selected Documents
ISBN 978-3-935009-71-3

Volume V
International Human Rights Law - Selected Documents
ISBN 978-3-935009-76-8

Volume VI
European Law - Selected Documents concerning South Eastern Europe
ISBN 978-3-935009-93-5